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Junior-Level Students

Welcome, dear friends, to the whimsical world of Soaring Preparatory Academy! Here, amidst the fluttering of pages and the rustle of eager minds, we embark on a grand adventure of learning and discovery. Our humble classroom is filled with the warmth of academic passion, the gentle breeze of personal growth, and the excitement of learning about God's Creation through nature exploration and studies.


With boundless enthusiasm, we embark on a journey of holistic education, where every lesson is a delightful tale waiting to unfold. Through the new-found mysteries revealed in the study of classes like History & Geography, Reading, Narration, Critical Thinking, and Bible studies, our dedicated parents guide our young learners with the wisdom of the ages, inspired by the timeless teachings of Charlotte Mason herself.


In the delightful halls of our Junior-Level Classes, students frolic amidst 1st-3rd grade wonders, building castles of confidence and fortresses of character. With each passing day, they inch closer to the grand adventures that await in our Mid-Level Classes, where dreams take flight and aspirations soar high above the clouds.


Come, dear ones, and join us on this enchanting journey as we nurture hearts, minds, and spirits in a haven of friendship and learning. Together, let us spread our wings and reach for the stars, for here at Soaring Preparatory Academy, the sky's the limit!

Park Days


Join us for a rotation of park days at least once a month on Fridays that are fun for the whole family. 


Join our LEGO STEAM Club for our Junior-Level Students during recess! Explore science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics through exciting LEGO projects. From building machines to designing cities, unleash your creativity while learning critical skills. Led by enthusiastic facilitators, our club promotes collaboration and problem-solving. Come join the fun and discover the endless possibilities of STEAM education with LEGO!

Nature Class

Class Examples

Enroll your child now in our homeschool co-op classes for 4-6th graders, which offer collaborative learning, diverse subjects, and a social outlet for a comprehensive education. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your child's education. Sign up today!

Tuesday Morning



Discovering Ancient History/

(alt: class Discovering Basic Geography K-1)

"Artistic Horizons: Exploring Mediums and Masterpieces"

Character Builders

Living Math Adventures

"Verses and Voces: Poetry in English, Literature in Spanish"

Tuesday Afternoon


Stellar Explorers: Life Science

Critical Thinking and Puzzles

Thursday Morning



Discovering Ancient History/

(alt: class Discovering Basic Geography K-1)

"Harmonious Horizons: Music History & Vocal/Instrumental Instruction"

Character Builders

Living Math Adventures

"Arte y Cultura: Spanish Immersion Math and Art"

Thursday Afternoon


Stellar Explorers:Life Science

Word Wizards: Spelling, Phonics, and Sentence Building

Our co-op is meant to be affordable, we charge only $600 per family for the year for BOTH days, which includes a refundable $100 deposit, making Tuition only $500 for the year. Our facility fee is $10 per student for the year.  

And we require t-shirts for all of our students at the rate of $5.50.


Questions  about Tuition Costs? Contact us for a specialized pricing plan.

Thanks for submitting!

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