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Senior Level Students

Welcome to the Senior Level Program at Soaring Preparatory Academy! Here, we set the bar high for our students, empowering them with opportunities for growth, leadership, and active participation in shaping the future of our co-op community.


Our Senior Level curriculum is designed to enhance critical thinking skills and foster logical evaluation of the world around them. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their education, diligently completing assignments, delving into reading materials, and actively participating in class discussions.


Beyond academics, our program offers abundant opportunities for social interaction, collaboration, and accountability, preparing students to become well-rounded adults with a strong foundation in liberal arts, history, sciences, and mathematics.


For those seeking additional enrichment, our drop-in option provides flexibility to tailor their schedule to individual needs. Whether it's one-off classes or a full-day program, students can join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays to expand their horizons.


Drop-in rates (select High School Students) range from $200 to $400 per class per year, with options for half-day ($800/year) or full-day ($1000/year) enrollment. Flexible payment plans are available, ensuring accessibility for all families.


Join us at Soaring Preparatory Academy, where students soar to new heights in education and personal development. Together, let's embark on a journey of discovery and growth!

Clubs and Leadership Development


The Lead Boy and Lead Girl positions are esteemed roles within our co-op, exclusively reserved for Senior Level students in grades 9-12, effective from the 2024-25 academic year. Candidates interested in these positions are invited to submit a letter of application outlining their vision for enhancing our school community. Following this, they undergo a thorough interview process conducted by our Community Board and co-op leaders before selection.


Likewise, students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to apply for the Jr. Head Boy and Girl roles. These emerging leaders convene during lunch breaks to brainstorm ideas for improving classroom life, from optimizing play areas to curating the class library. They also spearhead initiatives such as fundraising for charitable causes and advocating for facility improvements.


Members of the council serve as ambassadors for the school at key events, assist in organizing assemblies, facilitate club activities, and fulfill various roles based on their strengths and interests. They foster connections with younger students, plan leadership events, and contribute significantly to the overall well-being of our dynamic learning community.


Step into the spotlight with our Yearbook Committee! Join us as we meet monthly in Terms 1-2 and weekly in Term 3 to craft our school's history. Dive into roles like Managing Editor, Layout Editor, Photographer, and more. From curating content to designing layouts and capturing memories, there's a role for every passion. Don't miss this chance to leave your mark and make memories that last a lifetime!


Join our vibrant Worship Team at Soaring Preparatory Academy! Senior Level students (exceptions considered for Mid-level students) can participate in singing or musical band roles. Private lessons during the week are recommended for all band members. With three weekly practices—Tuesdays and Thursdays after class, plus Tuesday mornings before chapel—we ensure ample rehearsal time. Commitment is vital, so plan to stay a little late on Tuesdays for vocals and Thursdays for Worship band practice. Whether refining harmonies on Tuesdays or creating inspiring music on Thursdays, our team is a dynamic community of musicians dedicated to worship and praise!

Classmates in the Library

Class Examples

Enhance your child's education with our homeschool co-op classes for 7-12th graders. Collaborative learning, diverse subjects, and a social outlet provide a comprehensive education. Enroll now.

Tuesday Morning



Introduction to Logic

Living Math

Life Skills

Tuesday Afternoon



Essay Writing

Introduction to Art

Bible Apologetics

Living Science: Biology Reading or Anatomy Reading

Spanish Language and Culture"

Lengua y Cultura: Intermediate

P.E & Outdoor Time

Thursday Morning



Speech and Debate

Living Math

World History

Music Appreciation and Theater

Thursday Afternoon


Living Science Lab(Virtual Discussions Fri)

World History

Literatura y Matemáticas: Exploring Classic Spanish Literature and Mathematics

Bible: (World Religions)Counterfeits of Christianity

P.E & Outdoor Time

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