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Our Teachers are Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Former Homeschool Educators, Former Teachers, and anyone else interested in the betterment and education of our students. You need not have a teacher certification, merely a passion for teaching the subject matter, past experience or a strong interest in teaching. 

What our teachers do need:

 A Faith in Jesus

A clear background check


Comittment to self-education

Purchase the Alveary Membership for class lesson plans, as well as any book required for teaching.

Payment: At the beginning of Orientation or 3 times a year in payment installments from parents.

$100 for most upper level classes

$60 for lower level classes

Teachers pick one or more teaching "blocks" to teach, and would keep the same class for the rest of the year.  Picking a class your child is in, to teach, will ensure your child's tuition is free during that block. 



  • Primary Class Teacher  pay: $60/student(4 class blocks available)


  • 1-3rd grade Math Enrichment/Musical Games and Solfa  pay: $60/student

  • 4-6th grade Math Enrichment /Solfa  pay: $60/student

  • 7-12th grade Nature Walk and Art pay:$100/student 

  • Primary Class Teacher  (3 class blocks available) pay: $60/student

Home Gardening

It's not easy, but worth it.

You are a part of making a beautiful impression

You have no idea the impact you impart on this next generation of people.

We thank you for your dedication to teaching the students at Soaring Preparatory Academy.

We take the education, spiritual well being and the Social involvement of our children seriously. Which is why we created our homeschool co-op. Above all other things, we want to grow up children in the way of the Lord with a hunger for educating themselves through a steady diet of good books. We as educators for them are here to give them the tools they need to seek out a good education and to encourage good character.

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